I’ve been fighting all my life. I always wanted to move forward, to get somewhere.

Once I pass that exam, everything will be ok.

Once I get my degree, I’ll be fulfilled and happy.

Once I get enough money, my life will be great.

I was always looking forward to the next stage, always wanting something more. Like if all my problems would fade away as soon as I achieved something. But then, when I got there, I felt happy for a moment and then back to needing something more in my life.

I’m done with that.

That constant wishing for something more, something else, leaves me unfulfilled and unhappy with the current situation, whatever it is.

I’m already there; I’ve already arrived at the right time and the right place. Everything is great as it is.

I might have some things I want to do, or things I want to improve, but my present is where I am and where I want to be.

When I watch my kids, I can see they already know this. They play fully absorbed in the present moment. There’s nothing else but that. They’ve already arrived where they want to be.

Maybe we all knew this when we were kids, but someone, perhaps ourselves, told us otherwise at some point in our life.

Let’s get back to that state of mind.

We’re all already there. We just need to notice.

Kid Playing Photo by Leo Rivas