From a simple jQuery plugin to a full SaaS business, I’ve worked on different projects over the last few years outside from my full-time job. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of them.


Planleave is a simple and easy way to manage your teams time-off in a centralized place. It’s a SaaS business based on Ruby on Rails and React created by me alone and was acquired.

It’s still running and I hope it has as much as success as possible but I’m no longer involved in the daily decisions. You can find it here:



Bruno is an open source project written in Ruby and it was created as a simple tool for transforming the i18n files with translations between Android and iOS. I don’t actively maintain it anymore but I used it a lot when I developed a couple of iOS apps to share the files with the Android team.

The source code is here on Github.


jQuery plugin to “jump” to the next input field in a form automatically after a certain criteria. This is how it works:

Autojump Demo

The source code is here.


Written in Go to learn more about that language, Redfollow finds the final destination of an URL after redirects. After installing it, you can do this:


# Output:
301 -
200 -

The source code lives here.