Opening your eyes, you glance at the clock on the night table—time to get up.

The house is completely silent as you make your way to the kitchen. Each sound feels amplified at this early time in the morning.

Entering the kitchen, you remember the fantastic croissant your partner bought you yesterday. It looks delicious and crispy on the outside. It must taste so good. You can’t help but wonder if you should have it. After many failed attempts over the years, you’ve resolved to usually have a healthy breakfast, but it’s just one day.

After finally eating the croissant, you still have an hour before work.

Pondering what to do with that hour, you skip the gym today and prepare for work. You can always go tomorrow. Besides, there’s so much to do at work that you can use that extra time.

Your manager has told you the project needs to be ready by next week, so after some time browsing email and checking different messages, you start working on it.

Getting to a challenging part, you start to procrastinate. This is not so much of a voluntary decision; your brain wants a way out. A bit of YouTube, a bit of Instagram, and somehow, it’s already lunchtime. You have done way less of what you had in mind.

Finishing lunch, you’re determined to work much more, but still, the to-do list doesn’t shrink at all. Time passes, and after a long day, you finally come home and have dinner. Feeling tired and upset with the unproductive day, you turn on the TV to feel better.

After watching an episode of the latest trending TV show, feeling really sleepy, you go to bed. Before closing your eyes, you realize you’re not prioritizing what you truly want to do, and you’re just working all the time, but how did it happen?

Some small habits are like little domino pieces that can make you go in the right or wrong direction with the rest of your decisions.

If you eat something sugary, like that crunchy croissant, your energy level will drop thanks to the glucose curve. You get high glucose levels in your bloodstream, which then falls as fast, leaving you a bit dizzy and with low energy levels.

It was only a croissant, but since you didn’t have the energy because you didn’t have a healthy breakfast, you decided to skip the gym.

Skipping the gym felt bad at the end of the day. You’re finally determined to make health a top priority in your life, and yet, you didn’t make any progress. Not working out today also made you feel less focused at work because of your hormone levels.

Making your bed first thing in the morning or having a good breakfast are little choices, but they have a rippling effect on the rest of your day, filling your day with what you truly want to do or with a miserable life.

A good and happy day is based on a chain of habits, so start your days with the good ones, and somehow, the rest will fall into place.

Domino tiles falling in a row Photo by Ron Lach