Obvious to you, amazing to others

Once you’ve learned something, it’s not interesting anymore. What was surprising once now feels dull and obvious. Have you ever chatted with an adult friend about how rivers form? How does the water evaporate in the sea, forming clouds, and then the rain creates snow in the mountains? How is that snow melted and rivers are born, bringing that water down to the seas again? I bet you haven’t because it’s obvious to you....

March 3, 2023

Don't keep ideas to yourself

Naturally, as you grow in your profession, you develop a vision and think about ideas and opportunities you can take to grow and have a more significant impact. The natural process when these ideas come to mind is to add them to a never-ending to-do list. When I have time, I’ll propose that thing I’ve been thinking about for the last two months, you might think. Sometimes, it’s even worse. You forget about them....

February 27, 2023

Creation happens in silence

It’s Saturday, and I’m enjoying the last sunlight for the day in my studio. The house is silent now; my family is taking a nap downstairs. And I’m here, writing, in silence. There’s a thought that kept coming in the last few weeks. As painful as it is, any creation happens in isolation without any signals or external validation until it’s complete. Any idea or creative work you can think of happens in silence....

February 19, 2023

How to make Youtube less distracting

Youtube is a great free source of information and entertainment that we’ve all used at some point. Here’s a guide on how to make it less distracting

February 2, 2023

Single-purpose devices

I love my Kindle. It allows me to read and buy a new book, and that’s it. Everything on it is oriented towards reading e-books. When you’re reading a book on it, there’s nothing else on the screen and no interruptions. I hate my smartphone. It allows me to do almost anything without a clear sign of what’s more important. I can receive a notification about a doctor’s appointment for my kids or the last offer from a random brand I bought from once; both can interrupt me in the same way....

January 7, 2022