Leaving the phone at home

I’ve been experimenting with ways to be more disconnected from technology for a long time, from disabling notifications to using a dumbphone. However, a challenging exercise still hard to do is to go for a walk without my phone. When I leave my place without my phone, I feel like I’m leaving my pants at home; the whole experience is stressful. What if someone needs me? What if I need it for something?...

October 20, 2023

Guiding like a lighthouse

I’ve always loved lighthouses. Apart from their astounding views and beautiful settings, they’re a great reminder of how we can have a deeper meaning in our lives.

September 10, 2023

You Are Already There

I’ve been fighting all my life. I always wanted to move forward, to get somewhere. Once I pass that exam, everything will be ok. Once I get my degree, I’ll be fulfilled and happy. Once I get enough money, my life will be great. I was always looking forward to the next stage, always wanting something more. Like if all my problems would fade away as soon as I achieved something....

May 27, 2023

My Biggest Mistake Working Remotely

I’ve been working fully remotely for more than ten years now. The last eight as a software engineer at Buffer, a fully remote company since its inception in 2010. From all these years, I’ve learned a lot: how to balance my work and my personal life, how to communicate better when I write, heck I’ve even learned how to use the right emoji at the right time; it’s more useful than you think if you’re on Slack each day....

May 24, 2023

How to Change the World

There are two fundamental components in the world: human beings and nature. By influencing either one of them, you can effectively create change in the world. It’s hard to have a significant impact on nature, though. Even if you use your bike more, recycle regularly, or vote for the right politicians to pass environmentally-friendly laws, your impact will be small. While we should all strive to make a difference, we won’t be able to witness much of that impact in our lifetimes....

April 28, 2023