Avoiding addictions

Capitalism is great at giving people what they demand and making them even want things they don’t need. Once a company creates a product or service, the industry streamlines its production, distribution, and sales to maximize efficiency. The more they sell, the better it is for the business. Living in a market-driven society is a blessing if you want to buy a good fork or a reliable car. However, there’s a flip side to this coin: an entire sector focuses on enticing consumers with addictive products and services, and that’s where the danger begins....

October 25, 2023

Leaving the phone at home

I’ve been experimenting with ways to be more disconnected from technology for a long time, from disabling notifications to using a dumbphone. However, a challenging exercise still hard to do is to go for a walk without my phone. When I leave my place without my phone, I feel like I’m leaving my pants at home; the whole experience is stressful. What if someone needs me? What if I need it for something?...

October 20, 2023

Guiding like a lighthouse

I’ve always loved lighthouses. Apart from their astounding views and beautiful settings, they’re a great reminder of how we can have a deeper meaning in our lives.

September 10, 2023

You Are Already There

I’ve been fighting all my life. I always wanted to move forward, to get somewhere. Once I pass that exam, everything will be ok. Once I get my degree, I’ll be fulfilled and happy. Once I get enough money, my life will be great. I was always looking forward to the next stage, always wanting something more. Like if all my problems would fade away as soon as I achieved something....

May 27, 2023

My Biggest Mistake Working Remotely

I’ve been working fully remotely for more than ten years now. The last eight as a software engineer at Buffer, a fully remote company since its inception in 2010. From all these years, I’ve learned a lot: how to balance my work and my personal life, how to communicate better when I write, heck I’ve even learned how to use the right emoji at the right time; it’s more useful than you think if you’re on Slack each day....

May 24, 2023