One of the easiest ways to start sharing your work in the form of writing, designs, or photographs is by using the latest trendy platform in that space, especially when everyone else seems to be using it.

How many Blogspot sites are you checking these days? They still work, but Google has killed one or two services, so who knows for how long?

Medium was great for publishing content, but it doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

Nowadays, many people start a Substack newsletter if they want to share content and monetize it too, but will it be around in five or ten years? What will happen with your content and your audience if they’re not?

Imagine a billionaire buying one of the main social media services and some things not going as expected. What would happen with all the effort you’ve put into it that brought your followers and your content?

You’re safer assuming all platforms and any work and content you put there will eventually be gone, so don’t put all your eggs in one basket—especially one you don’t own.

Claiming your place online has never been easier, so we no longer need to trust external organizations with our creations.

Buy a domain you like, create a simple site with a technology you can maintain for a long time, like a static HTML site or even a simple WordPress theme can help you if you’re not tech-savvy, and pour your creativity there. Do you want to share your writings, photos, or designs? That should be the place.

If it’s important enough for you to spend time creating something, it’s important enough to have a safe online place.

You’ll own everything, and it’ll be yours forever. No investors, no market changes, and not a single external factor will sweep away all your work there.

Use external platforms to expand your audience and engage with others. You can adapt your content to suit each platform’s specific features and audiences while maintaining the original and long-lasting content on your site. The rest will eventually be gone.