Once you’ve learned something, it’s not interesting anymore. What was surprising once now feels dull and obvious.

Have you ever chatted with an adult friend about how rivers form? How does the water evaporate in the sea, forming clouds, and then the rain creates snow in the mountains? How is that snow melted and rivers are born, bringing that water down to the seas again?

I bet you haven’t because it’s obvious to you.

But instead, if you help a little kid figure out how that process works, they’ll be amazed. What was obvious to you, it’s now amazing to that kid.

There are countless examples of lessons you’ve learned over the years that you could share with others to help them, lessons from your life, work, or passions.

If you share what you’ve learned, someone will eventually find it useful because it’ll be new to many people. For others it’ll be obvious too, but that’s ok.

Your experience might be inspiring, interesting, and even eye-opening to some, and that might make a small difference today. The kind of difference that makes the world a slightly better place.

Have a great day.

River Photo by Jack Anstey

Funnily enough, after publishing this article I’ve found Derek Sivers’ take on this from 2010, so you can read the same idea from him :)