I’ve started the great journal of learning Vim. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this editor and I’d like to learn how to use it effectively and share here all the things I’ll learn and my thoughts about every step of the way.

As a novice I’ll make a lot of mistakes but I’ll try to search all the commands and tips to make sure they will be accurate enough to be shared.

Learning Curve

It’s probable you’ve heard that Vim is hard, that, in order to generate a random string you just need to put a student in front of this editor and tell him to close it. Here you can see a slide with the learning curve of different editors:

Learning curves of different editors Learning curves of different editors

Yes, Vim is scary right? But the truth is you can use Vim almost as any other editor until you learn the most basic commands and concepts that will make a good vim user. If you’ve using Vim for 20 years and you see me using vim the first weeks doing things like grabbing the mouse or using the arrow keys you could be surprised but the truth is you don’t need to use the most efficient way to do things all the time.


One of the main reasons so many people use Vim is its great community, which means a lot of good resources to learn too. In my case I’ll be following the great videos of Derek Wyatt and of course my dear friend Google.

I am looking forward to sharing all the things I’ll learn, stay tuned!