Your car is perfect until you see your neighbor’s.

Everything seems good enough, but then you see an ad or your Instagram feed and wish you had that beautiful desk instead of the perfectly fine one you’re using.

“If only I had that new thing.”

“If only I could go to that beautiful place.”

“If only I could get that new laptop, car, or watch. My life would be much better”, we might think, but we’re wrong.

The problem is we have too much to compare to. Without the Internet, the only comparison possible would be way more limited and healthy.

Thanks to seeing what the world has to offer, we can see the best item in any imaginable category. We even discover some things we didn’t know we wanted.

There’s always an upgrade we could make, a trip we could take, or a new thing we could buy.

We shouldn’t compare anything, but if we do, let’s try that our references of what’s best or good don’t come from the whole world.

Compare Laptop Typewriter Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters