Naturally, as you grow in your profession, you develop a vision and think about ideas and opportunities you can take to grow and have a more significant impact.

The natural process when these ideas come to mind is to add them to a never-ending to-do list. When I have time, I’ll propose that thing I’ve been thinking about for the last two months, you might think. Sometimes, it’s even worse. You forget about them.

Being selfish with your ideas reduces your overall impact and the growth of others.

By keeping those great ideas to yourself you’re not letting others grow. You’re making the space where others can grow smaller, making it more difficult for others to learn and level up.

Some of those ideas can and will positively impact the project you’re working on, but you need to make them happen.

If you don’t have the time to work on those opportunities, you’re also missing their impact.

Share that idea with others so they could work on it.

You’ve grown in the first place because someone let you take on some of these initiatives. Don’t be selfish now. You’ll be surprised by the after-effect.

Person Alone in the Sunset Photo by Austin Mabe