I’m Jose M. Gilgado, a programmer and writer.

I’ve worked as a programmer for over 15 years, fully remote for the last ten. My main focus at work is on communication, strategy, and helping others succeed.

On this site, you’ll mainly find my articles, where I share my thoughts and learnings on improving your career, living a better life, simplifying, and focusing on what matters.

You can also see my notes on books I’ve read.


A hot day of summer, back in 2007, I was 19 years old when I got my internship. It was in a Booking.com competitor and my boss told me, on the first day, that I had to create an API. Good thing I had Google to find out what an API was! 😅

A lot has changed since that very first position and now.

I currently work at Buffer as a senior software engineer and team lead. I’ve been there for the last 8 years.

Buffer is a special company, we enjoy four-days work weeks, we’re fully remote since day one and our revenue along with other data is completely public. You can read more about my experience there here.

In between these two jobs, I’ve been lucky enough to work in my own consultancy startup, in a small startup serving one of the biggest banks in the world with our SaaS and in a great marketing agency.

Some random facts about me

  • I love working out almost daily (preferably strength training, but also a good run).
  • I try to write every day.
  • I work remotely, but I love more chatting with teammates in real life.
  • I have two kids, and parenting is a big part of my daily life.
  • I love reading. I’ve probably read hundreds of books.
  • I visited Svalbard once, and it was amazing to see how people can adapt to anything.
  • I’m a builder. Probably, my passion for programming comes from the joy of building products that people can use.
  • From all the things I’ve tried, meditation has been the most impactful one by far.


You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn or send me an email.

If you take the time to email me, the least I can do is reply. I might be slower than you want, but you’ll hear back from me. Besides, I love the randomness of connecting with someone new through my site.


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About this site

For the tech people out there, here are some quick details about this site.

  • Hugo to generate my content.
  • Cloudflare to manage DNS and caching.
  • PaperMod as a base theme.
  • Github to host the repo along with Dropbox for a backup.

I don’t need to pay anything for any of this and you can notice, this site is quite fast!

Thanks for stopping by, have a beautiful day!