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How to make Youtube less distracting

Youtube is a great free source of information and entertainment that we’ve all used at some point. Here’s a guide on how to make it less distracting

February 2, 2023

Single-purpose devices

I love my Kindle. It allows me to read and buy a new book, and that’s it. Everything on it is oriented towards reading e-books. When you’re reading a book on it, there’s nothing else on the screen and no interruptions. I hate my smartphone. It allows me to do almost anything without a clear sign of what’s more important. I can receive a notification about a doctor’s appointment for my kids or the last offer from a random brand I bought from once; both can interrupt me in the same way....

January 7, 2022

Creating a side project when you don't need the money

I’ve recently launched a side project, a SaaS product to manage absences in companies. It might generate some money in the future and yet, I don’t need any of it. I know what you’re thinking. Money is always nice, and you’re right, but I’m also working full-time as a software engineer. Any extra income is welcomed but not needed. This is a great path for many creative people. You have the good parts of working for an employer and the benefits of having a side business where you can fully unleash your creativity and learn new things, and learning is so important for professional growth....

April 4, 2021

Good code is invisible

We all try to create good and clean code, projects that are maintainable and easy to change and yet, we don’t appreciate when we have one. Do you remember the last time you easily change something in your code? Maybe it was a simple constant that was only in one place, or a new parameter in an API endpoint that was fast to test. You might remember but I bet you didn’t stop to appreciate how easy the change was.

February 19, 2020

How to schedule a post in Hugo with Gitlab

I’ve recently used a nice feature in Gitlab to automatically post my articles scheduled in the future in Hugo and I share how I did it in this article.

November 19, 2019